Monday, October 6, 2008

Told you he wanted a bigger one!

so what do you think we did Saturday? we went and looked at another boat! this one is a 12" jon boat with a trolling motor. nice boat, nice price, he bought it! so, guess what we did Sunday? yep you got it, took the new boat out, on the Waccasassa river for a couple of hours. It was nice and relaxing, as this pic shows lol

I don't blame him tho, the pedal boat is nice, but it's really kinda small and there isn't any place to put stuff...and while this is also a small boat, it is more open and there is room to move around - not so confining. So I think he will be content with this one for a couple of months...hopefully. After that, we'll see.

Hope you had a nice weekend too.