Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things to do today


Sorry I missed ya yesterday, too busy to think of something to write!
Still working in the Craft Room! You are about tired of hearing that aren't you? I know I would be lol

Going to Althea's house today to work on some projects...that should be lots of fun, she is SUCH a talented's a joy to watch her create things...and she is starting to get really involved in scrapbooking. Today I get to see some of that first hand and I am excited!

Trav is off trying to interview someone for David's book, haven't been able to get with this person even tho they say they want to talk about him, they have not made themselves available...this is the last chance.

My sister Annilee, sent me an email with some of her recollections - Trav will work on that tonight. Not everyone who is contributing will be named personally in the book, but we really appreciate any and all who have helped us out with it...this is a real important project - to us definitely - and we HOPE to others as well.

Well, that's my post for today..gotta get busy putting stuff together to take with me. Talk at ya tomorrow.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trying to keep that resolution

Way back at the first of the year I said I wanted to try and post something every day...maybe not much, but at least something... I did ok for a while, but then missed A LOT. So I am trying again. I believe that as long as you are giving something your honest effort, that you should be given a chance to do it again. But that's just me...and maybe it's only regarding me...I would have to dig pretty deep into my phycie to see if it's true in regards to other people....I think it is.

Trav's Uncle Bill and Aunt June were visiting his folks yesterday, we got to spend a little time with them before they had to go. That was fun. They are interesting and I hope we get to go out to dinner with them in the near future.

While we were at the folks house we helped fix a couple of minor problems with their computer...Trav is the family Guru and sometimes that makes him a hero! and sometimes it doesn't :o(. oh well, can't win them all.

Tonight it's back into the craft room for an hour or so, gotta keep at it til I get it right, I really want that room to be a place that I can comfortably create & it really hasn't been up til I am starting to get excited!!! Have I said that already? Probably lol

Anyway, that's about it for right at you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy hump day ya'll

Well, here it is Wednesday again...and we are half way through another work week. Wow! isn't that just SO exciting?

I got back into the craft room last nite, Trav had to go do an interview with Sean regarding David, so I had a couple of hours without interruption - managed to get most of the paper separated and put into more useful places. Means I emptied another tote! I know, it doesn't sound like much, but it's another step in the right direction...and I need all of those I can get.

On a more creative note, I made a layout for a photo swap, here is the link if you would like to see it,
Gotta Pixel Gallery

that is always fun, it's not my photo and so I am free to interprit and create. Thanks Gotta Pixel & Tbog for hosting this swap.

Later folks, work now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Is it really Tuesday already? Wow, where did that weekend go? and it was a LONG one too! Oh well,

Finally got some time to spend in the Craft room! Still not done, probably never will be, but it's further along then it was. We have my paper rack up now and all my 12 x 12 paper is in it!!! YYEEAAHH - and my filing system will now be used for the 8 1/2 x 11 and scraps, that way they are not sitting in boxes on a shelf. All my ribbons are either in the ribbon boxes or in a drawer and all my material is in a drawer as are all my fibers, I think. My books and magazines are on a shelf, in holders to keep them handy and neat. Stickers and rub ons in a drawer as are metal embellishments and then misc embellishments have their own drawer too. Pens/pencils/markers in their own drawer. Adhesives in a drawer - those that will fit anyway, the xyron and bigger/bulkier items are on a shelf. All the punches have drawers. And that is how we are organizing that room...a piece at a time. It's starting to shape up and I am starting to get just a little excited for the finished product. No telling how long it will take, but I will get it done someday and then I will share some pics with you.

Talk to you later, gotta go get some stuff done here.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurray- it's a long weekend

what plans do you have this weekend? family get together? short vacation? cook-out? are ya gonna go bowling? go to the water park, play in the backyard pool? take the kids to Disney? shop til you drop? wash the car? change the oil? lol

There are just SO many things that we can/have to do on a long weekend that sometimes it can seem overwhelming!! But we handle it well, we pick a couple and do those, enjoy ourselves and then lament the lack of time needed to do the rest! What a strange people we are.

Our weekend will consist of our normal grocery shopping trip to Ocala, then me back in my craft room (which I have neglected horribly as I seemed to be unable to get anywhere with the chore - kept finding projects that needed doing lol) and working on David's book. That seems kinda fitting doesn't it? It being Memorial Day and all?

Speaking of that book, it's getting down to the wire now, only about two weeks before we need to send it to the publishing company! It seems like we just started this project but when I look back, it's been a long time in the making. The time has flown by and the deadline approaches and we realize that there are SO many people that have stories & we can't find saddens me. But we have done the best we could and will be proud of the end product. I am SO very proud of Trav and all the effort and artistry he has devoted to this. Once again I must say, He is the wind beneath my wings.
you can see that layout here layout

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Scrap Shop

Morning everyone,

Just wanted to make sure you all know about My Scrap Shop. This is such a fun site to visit. The people there are super friendly and fun! We just finished a round of Bingo and if you go read that thread you will understand what I mean lol

go check it out.

And while you are on the site, check out the free gift for joining the forum

what are you waiting for??? GO!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cottage Charm Giveaway

The Twice Remembered Cottage is hosting a Cottage Charm Giveaway. If you want to enter please go to the site for a list of participating blogs. If you are interested in being one of those giving things away, all the details are on her blog - go there and sign up!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Wednesday

And a very normal everyday boring Wednesday it is too....until the power went out at work and we spent the next hour or so socializing...then had cake for the birthdays...and now I'm just doing mainly all that non-computer stuff that never seems to get done. In between checking my email and trying to catch up all the computer things that NEED to get done lol.....oh well, nothing extraordinary about this...just blogging. See ya later!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Just popping in to say that I am still out here...going to work on that memorial post I was telling you about...need to get the pics ready to post from that too. I appreciate that you are still checking in to see if I'm talking...and I will do better, I promise!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Arabian Nights

We are here in beautiful Titusville, Florida for our annual visit to the American Police Hall of Fame…to attend the Police Memorial Ceremonies that they provide for the surviving family members, Law Enforcement and anyone else who might be interested. They have been doing this for a really long time now (since 1960) and are very good at it too. (more on this subject tomorrow)

Each year they try to do something wonderful for their guests and this year is no exception. They arranged an excursion to Arabian Nights, in Orlando, for dinner and a show. That was SO much fun! They had 4 buses here by 3:45 and over 200 survivors eagerly awaiting the trip. It was about an hour and 15 minutes to the attraction and it was rather uneventful (meaning I took a nap) and we arrived in good time to get everyone inside, seated and comfortable before the show…but not so long as to be bored by the time it started.

This is not your typical seating arrangement…instead of tables there are long benches with backs and almost a trestle type table to eat on, about 18” wide and 15 people long with a 3” raised ledge on the front portion, so you don’t accidentally send your food down the back of a diner at the ‘table’ in front of you. These tables are set up in a ‘stadium seating’ type of arrangement so all can easily view the entertainment, which takes place in the arena below. We were really excited to see this show! It is a loosely woven story of an Arabian Princess coming into her own and being introduced to her own personal Genie, who is rather inexperienced and needs the practice to protect her new mistress. In the course of this tale we are treated to a visual extravaganza of horses in various settings, the Wild West doing a square dance on horseback, the Native American with symbols painted on her steed, the chariots of yore – complete with a very competitive race in which the two sides of the arena cheer on their champion – trick riders jumping rope, jumping through flaming hoops and doing back flips – all while riding bareback on beautiful horses. And of course they evoked the Black Stallion! There was a nice mix of suspense, yearning and comedy. It was a delightful show and I would feel comfortable recommending it to you as a nice bit of light entertainment. Of course if you have a horse crazy child it might end up causing trouble as they will almost certainly want to do those things themselves and I think that might be something you would want to discourage. Lol

We were a little concerned about the quality of the meal. I’m sure you have all been to places that mass serve, and usually that means inferior quality. We had a choice of one of the following menu items…

New York strip steak

Grilled chicken breast

Certified Black Angus chopped sirloin with gravy

Children’s chicken tenders or

Primavera penne pasta bowl (vegetarian/vegan option)

Almost all the folks at our ‘table’ chose the New York Strip. When our food arrived it really didn’t look that great…the Strip was coated in pepper and looked dry, we had mashed potatoes and a broccoli/carrot mix, and a roll. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite of that steak…it was tender, juicy and flavorful, despite the pepper (which I’m sure you know I DON’T DO PEPPER, so that’s a pretty high accolade from me). The vegetables were tender and with a little butter on top the potatoes were really good. It was a bit difficult to eat in the dark whilst screaming, er I mean cheering on our champions, but we managed without any mishaps. (unless you count the butter that somehow managed to fly through the air and attack Larry a row behind us) Our waitress had a great sense of humor and was really quite good even with all the people she was serving; I think she had either two or three of those long tables. The entire experience was one I would happily repeat if the opportunity arose and I hope you all get a chance to do the same.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Trav's Blog

Wow, Trav's really gotten on the blogger wagon big time!!! He has posted a few really good ones lately - you should head on over there and see what he's been up to...Read him with your coffee in the morning to get you ready for the day lol. here's the addy

Ya might leave him a comment to let him know that I sent you...I get points for that sorta thing - hey life's a game, even when you're married, why not have fun while you play?

Anyways, I've been totally unable to write anything more than my name lately, and I don't know why, but - that is going to change...I will be back in full force soon. We are going to Titusville next week for the Annual Police Memorial Day Ceremonies, so maybe I'll even have something to write about! There will be at least one post on the Memorial - that is a promise.

So, I'll see you soon...go see Trav!!!