Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been doing these for a while…did my first ones last year in February, but not for very long. So I started again in February of this year, and decided that I would try to post at least one a day. I do most of my Zentangles on foam eggs, the ones that Michaels has on sale right now for Easter. I do them on paper too, and will include those as well, but first the eggs. I like using eggs because it gives an interesting dimension to the art. I know that the pictures do not really do them justice, but as my hubby and I keep forgetting to get good pics at home, I just used my iPhone here at work (on break) to get some up here. At some point we want to get some 360s up using video, but we are not there yet lol. Hope you like them and leave a comment if you want. Thanks!

everyone seems to like the flowers on this one

this pattern is all the way around

I like the chain here

it does not really show too well, but this one is a series of blades, like grass

this one has some rough spots, but I like the leaves