Saturday, December 15, 2007

holiday stress

Well, here we sit, listening to Willie Nelson sing Deck the Halls and putting off the tasks that still need done to be ready for Christmas. Sometimes I wonder if I do this on purpose - means I get attention...from my STRESS levels. lol Compared to most people we really don't have that much to do to get ready, we have no kids and if we don't finish most of them people will understand...but I still stress. I have two or three people I still need to shop for and I have to make at least 4 gifts for work. Then there is the gift for the family exchange, haven't gotten to that one yet either. I have 4 commissioned cards I need to get done by Tuesday and then there are the two cards to do for work. Still have to mail all the Christmas cards that are ready. Then there is the ornament for Christmas eve....Making cookies for Monday is on the list too. We have the Wreath laying ceremony in G'ville today at noon, (34 miles away) and then we are going to do our weekly shopping, then come home and get to work. See? that's not so bad, is it? So why is it so difficult for me to wrap my brain around it? I have an awful time at this time of year, maybe it has to do with Shane? Don't know, but that is not an excuse anymore...if there is not a good reason then I need to stop this and do the right thing at the right time. Procrastination is simply a multisyllabic word for LAZY!!! (heard that one on the radio yesterday and it was so appropriate that I had to use it!)

Oh well, now that I have let off a little of the steam I guess I'll go get least get dressed and look at what needs done, put it on a list and prioritize it, then stare at it some more lol

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Donna said...

I just want you to know I love you and am missing you a bunch. Talk to you soon. me