Sunday, March 9, 2008

our weekend

We go into Ocala every weekend, usually on Saturday, to do our grocery shopping and this week was no exception - even tho we had gone to G'ville first thing Saturday to pick up some furniture. We went a little later than usual due to the G'ville trip so were coming home after dark. We were only a few miles from the county line when we saw a cop pulling a car over on the other side of the median. Figured they must be running radar so checked my speed and made sure I was at least close to legal. About a minute later I glanced in my rearview mirror because there was a care really close behind me all of a sudden...then he started to pass me and I realized it was another cop. No big deal, I wasn't doing anything wrong, so he gets about half way past me, then hits his brakes and pulls back in behind me...great - I had a headlight out, so we knew at that point that he was going to pull me over and sure enough, he did. You see, we noticed our headlight out on Monday, I think it was, and on Wednesday we stopped on our way home for a headlight bulb and windshield wipers (you remember Wednesday don't you? the night we SHOULD have stopped for gas?!?!?) Trav had planned to put it in on Thursday, but, as you might have noticed, it rained...Thursday AND Friday!! So that didn't happen. And what with going into G'ville Sat morning, we sorta forgot and so....we got pulled. Now, the officer Could have been a butt head and written me an equipment ticket or warning, or even given me a lecture on not being safe with out both headlights...but he wasn't and didn't. Maybe because when he got up to the window to talk to us, Trav was holding the package with the bulb in it up for him to see and half laughing and I was handing over my license. He started laughing as well, ran my license gave it back and told us to have a nice night. I thought it was funny. And was really glad that we had that bulb in the truck with us. And you know what? that bulb is STILL in the truck!!! Trav is sick today and since it almost takes an act of congress to change one of those bulbs, it didn't get I better not drive home in the dark tomorrow lol

But because Trav is sick, I didn't get my normal Sunday morning breakfast in bed with the Sunday paper and my sweetie...and I had to go get my own paper!!! I couldn't get the Ocala paper at the little store closest to our house so I had to drive on into town to pick it up...was coming back home via 27 when I looked to my left and what do you think I saw? A COW!!! Grazing on the side of the high way, just as happy as could be...and walking straight for the road! I couldn't just drive on when someone could get hurt, so I flipped around and pulled off the road between the cow and the road...and honked the horn a few times. Both to hopefully move the cow away from the highway, and maybe alert the owners that there was a problem. Well, the cow moved, but no humans showed up. So I called the sheriffs department. I told dispatch that if it had been a horse, no prob, I would go get it...but I don't do cows! no way, no how. she said she would send someone out and thanked me for calling. After I hung up I realized that I couldn't leave until someone got there, cuz I would feel responsible if someone got I sat there...and sat there...and honked on occasion when she got too close to the road. It took about 20 minutes for a deputy to arrive, at which time he came up and thanked me for helping out and I drove off. On my way home I thought about the irony of the two encounters with the law...(I have a twisted mind) cop pulls me over - no ticket, but stressed - so I send another cop on a cow's karma I tell you, it's karma - like that old tv show Karma & Dread? you remember that one don't you? lol good nite ;o)

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