Friday, March 7, 2008

We Are Blessed

We Are Blessed.

some days are better than others, lol

Wednesday Trav and I were being lazy…we went to eat at Bennigan’s on the way home and when we were finished eating it kinda looked like it was going to be really rainy, so we decided not to stop for gas. We determined that there was plenty to get us home and then back into work on Thursday. We stopped and picked up some parts for the truck on the way home and that was it.

So, on Thursday we came into town, I dropped Trav off at work and came to my building and went to work. Trav was trying to make up a little time at work from having to be off on Monday for the washer (that’s another story altogether) so he IM’d and asked that I pick him up, so that he could work that extra hour. No problem, I say (well, not quite that cavalier as I HATE having to drive over there at 5pm, but you know what I mean). Five o’clock rolls around and I go get him…traffic is really bad for some reason and we sit in traffic for about 10 minutes before we make much headway. Then we stopped at the drug store to pick up some meds. Then it’s time to go to the gas station…we are going to hit the one right before we leave town.

Weeellll, sitting there in traffic I was starting to get just a trifle nervous about how close we were cutting it, in the back of my mind was the thought that it would really be a bummer to run out of gas in the middle of traffic and have to wait for triple A to get there as we blocked the road….not a happy thought. As we made our way closer and closer to the station, I was relaxing a little at a time, thinking that we were doing good. So we are about a block and a half from the station, still on the main road, just at the entrance to the Publix shopping center and….yup, you guessed it, we ran out of gas. The truck just stopped running and refused to re-start. Before it came to a complete stop, Trav jumped out and started pushing and told me to steer into the parking lot…that truck is heavy! So it didn’t make it very far, he was pushing, but you know how that goes, right? the road was wet – it was drizzling and the entrance to the parking lot was slightly up hill…not a good combination, so I hop out and try to steer and push at the same time, it almost works…we are making progress, when whoops, we seem to both slip in the water at the same time and the truck starts rolling backwards…right back into traffic! I quickly hop back in and hit the brake, then get out and we try again, nope, not working. The cars are going around us and pulling into the parking lot, just ignoring us…brats! I am really starting to get worried about now, that someone is going to hit us or run into Trav at the back of the truck, when from across the parking lot – An Angel starts jogging towards us!!!! As she ran to the back of the truck she exclaimed “I’m not very strong, but I’ll help!” And put her hands next to Trav’s and saved the day. That little bit of help was all it took to get the truck (and Trav) to safety. After we stopped, she offered us the use of a gas can she just ‘happened’ to have in her trunk. So, off he goes to get it and to walk the block or so to the gas station. She works at the Publix right there and was on her way to work when she saw us struggling. Without hesitation, she threw herself into helping and went even further by providing the gas can- she had no way of knowing if we would return it or just take it and go on our way.

Well, we got the truck running, pulled around the parking lot, parked the truck and went into the store, with the gas can (now empty and in a plastic bag) looking for her manager…we really didn’t think they would want that can in the store but what to do with it then? We located her manager and explained what had happened and he took us to where she was – he asked her if she had been on break or just coming in and she said just coming in, so he asked if she was late because of it. She looked scared and said no, then amended it to – about 2 minutes. He then stated that he would make sure that she was paid for that time and that he appreciated her helping us and please take the gas can out and put it back in your car. The smile on her face was radiant! and she took off like a shot. As we walked back to the door the manager was telling us that they have a program there in which they award their employees tokens for doing certain things and they can use these tokens to buy gift cards and things like that. He assured us that she would most definitely be the recipient of one (or more) of these tokens. He thanked us for bringing this to his attention and we left.

We drove over to the gas station, filled up the truck and headed home in the rain.

We made it without any other incidents on the way….

Then we stopped to pick up the mail and had another surprise in store…a package from someone I correspond/interact with on a message board (Crafty One at Daisie Company) with some really nice little goodies in it…I had been RAK’d!!!!! How did she know??? How could she Possibly have timed it so that this package, and all it means, would arrive Just at that moment? When we had had a rough time and needed a pick me up? TWO Angels in one day!!! We are Blessed!

As Alabama has often said “I believe there are Angels among us”…we were blessed to encounter two of them in the same day. Thank You God.


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