Tuesday, July 22, 2008

David's Memorial Update

Well, next week is the memorial…it looks like they are going to follow thru and name a street after David. I think that is a really nice gesture. I’m not sure at this juncture, just what is going to be going on that day – 7/30 – but I believe it will be at 9am at the Police Department, probably by the flag. We will have a piper present; I’m pretty sure, courtesy of the Alachua County Fire Rescue. Beyond that I haven’t a clue…hopefully Trav can figure out a way to tape/photograph it and I can add a snippet or two here. I think the book will be here by then, we got the first drafts last week and ended up sending it back for revision…not a big surprise, but a little stressful as there is so little time left and anything can happen during shipping…but I have faith and I will relax and let God lead the way. I think it’s kinda kewl – and I am excited to see the final product and peoples reactions, and to hear their thoughts on all the hard work he put in on that book…I’m SO proud of him!!!

Anyway, I’ll update when they come in and as we get more info…

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