Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pics of the Memorial

Cpl. David Wayne Moss E.O.W. 7-30-88

David in his Dolphin colors - boy was he ever a fan!

Ok, well I did say I would add some pics and as soon as the other puter boots up I'll do that. I wanted to give a brief run down on yesterdays Memorial...

David Wayne Moss Memorial Service:

It started with the bagpipes, Robert (Robin) Hendrickson, Alachua County Fire Rescue was gracious enough to play for us - I love bagpipes - they have such a haunting flavor, and he played them very very well. As he was, playing Chief Davis escorted me out to the Memorial. The wreath was then placed right in front of where we were standing, it was beautiful (as were the flowers that they gave me prior to the ceremony).

The Marion County Sheriff's Office Color Guard preformed the lowering of the flag and Chief presented it to me. Then the Color Guard raised the new flag and lowered it to half mast. And then played Taps.

After this a member of the Color Guard came up and read, then presented me, with a Remembrance Certificate from the United States Air Force. I found that to be a very sweet thing to do...he was, after all, a member of the Air Force, & even if we were not at war, he still did his duty.

Chief Daniel M. Davis made the opening remarks and gave a general overview of what happened that day. Reverend Dave Methany lead us in prayer.

Then there were several folks who had something to say or Chief invited them up to say a few words, the first of which was Gene Hartman. Gene was the Chief at the time that David was killed.

Next came Lt. Clay Connolly, a very good friend to David and I. He has remained at the department and risen thru the ranks, I'm so Proud. He has been a good friend to Trav and I as well. He explained why Trav was going to be telling the details of that fateful night this time, instead of him or Bruce.

Next Trav comes up and makes some comments and requests that all LEOs remember David and how that hot July night became David's last night with us. First tho, he presented Chief with a copy of our book...they came in on time and look really good, he did Such a good job with that. Trav read the details right from the pages of that book.

Then Chief asked Mayor Heathcoat to read the resolution naming SW Main Street "Cpl. David Wayne Moss Street" Gerald addressed some very nice comments to me regarding the time he knew David.

I think it looks just wonderful, don't you?

Then it was my turn to say a few words. I'm not much in the public speaking department so I basically read from my index cards and tried not to stumble too much. If you are wondering why we keep calling it a's because a few years ago Chief had a plaque made and if you look really close you can see it to the far right of the above picture.

and this is what that plaque looks like, they planted a magnolia tree there and keep it beautiful with flowers.

After all the remarks, we held the closing prayer and Robin played Amazing Grace as Chief walked me back into the station. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony and I was truly honored by the care they took to make it so. I deeply appreciate their efforts.

Then it was time for the 'interview' that made me almost as nervous as my speech -

but it seemed to go well
here I am holding the microphone so that she could set the white balance, but it looks like IT's MINE!! lol

Here is the actual interview taking place.

I think that remembering people is the only way to keep them alive...if we forget, then they are gone forever. Every time a Police Officer is killed the other officers rally around the family and make sure they are treated with respect and caring. All of Law Enforcement keeps those survivors in a special place as a way to honor their fallen brother or sister. They cannot dwell on the deaths or the possibility of their own death, but they do remember it, always.

Thank you All, you have done David Proud!

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weesa729 said...

You put up a beautiful blog about the ceremony. As it happens, I am the webmaster for Robin Hendrickson. We are gathering material for the site and I was wondering if you could send me any electronic copies of photos taken of Robin this day. It would be very helpful if you could. I am at

Thank you, Lisa Jenssen