Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Farewell my friend

Today we have to say our formal farewell to a dear friend. I am going to miss having him around. Who was he? He was a real card, a funny man, a joker and a prankster. He was a husband and a father, he was a handyman, he was a cop and he was a friend. That only begins to scratch the surface of the man...I can, in no way, do him justice. He loved to play, to mess with people, to make a difference in their lives...sometimes they didn't even realize what he had done until much later...now THAT takes talent. As I sit here thinking back, I cannot remember too many times that I saw him serious. I heard a lot of stories about him being serious, but I don't know of them first hand. He always had a smile and a really sweet comment for me when ever we met up. (and if you know me, you will realize just how difficult that could be sometimes lol) We would chat from our respective vehicles as he waited patiently for his shift to end (when nothing was going on, of course) Please don't ask me what we talked about, cuz I couldn't tell you...just the light bantering chatter of two people comfortable with each other, nothing earth shattering, just talking. I miss that - I started missing it when he left WPD and finally retired.

Man when you look back on things, you really never know what you will see...sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less and sometimes you just wish you had looked back sooner.

I am quite blessed in the fact that I feel no regrets about my visits with Jay, they were always fun and sweet, never bitter or fraught with anger.

So - now that I have rambled on forever, I only have one more thing to say...

Farewell Jay, you will be missed (already are) and remembered. Remembered as the wonderful friend you are to us and remembered for your kindnesses and for your laughter. Farewell.

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NateAndJakesMom said...

What a sweet and moving tribute - I was only stopping by to tell you thank you for your sweet comment on my site - and I see that that is just the kind of person that you are.

Thank you.
-Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy