Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love - an interesting word

you may have noticed that there is finally a new banner at the top of my blog...I've been a little lazy and just haven't had the 'umph' to bring it up to date, until last week, when I was reminded that Everyone needs to remember Love.

Love, an emotion that we all wish could be a little bit easier all the way around. I love some people differently than I love others...and I bet you do friends, my family, my critters, all have their own kind of love. But one thing will never change, I DO love them all, and losing one is devastating, no matter what kind of love it is. And I am afraid that I must mention that a friend of ours died yesterday...a friend that may never have known just how much we loved him. We are hoping that our actions led him to that conclusion, but he was not the type of man that you could just hug and tell that you loved him.

Trav wrote a post about him, and I would love for you to go read it...

please do me that favor?

and if you could do me one other favor, I will be indebted to you...please pray for his family - they have a huge hole in their lives right now and need all the comfort you can give them. Pray for us too if you like, we have a hole, no where near as painful as the family, but it hurts just the same. Thank you, it matters that you care.

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