Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My new "Hobby"

I don’t think I have said one word on this blog about one of my favorite activities lately. And THAT surprises the heck outta me! It seems like all I ever talk about, or really look forward to is this new (relatively) pass time of mine. And I haven’t told you anything about it. That is just not like me – not like me at all. So I guess I’ll have to tell you about it now.

It is R.A.D.

Isn’t it exciting? huh? what’s that you’re saying? you don’t know what it is? Really? Well, that’s interesting. I thought everyone would know – lol, not really….so let me give you a little basic information on this program……

It is the R.A.D. Self Defense System and it is loads of fun as well as a very good thing to learn.

The RAD Self Defense System was designed with the needs and strengths of women in mind. Women of all ages and fitness levels have successfully participated in the self-defense class.

The RAD program consists of three classes, where you will learn practical safety tips, practice specialized defensive techniques, and use these techniques in actual fight scenarios. (what we students tend to call Fight Night lol)

Most importantly, RAD classes are fun and provide you with the knowledge and techniques to protect yourself.

Once you've completed Basic RAD, consider taking a supplemental course, such as Keychain Defense Options or Advanced Self Defense.

All of these classes are provided free of charge and are taught in a fun, relaxed environment by certified instructors.

the R.A.D. Women’s Self-Defense Classes that I attend are provided by:

Community Services division
University of Florida Police Department

Register by calling the University of Florida Police Department’s Community Services Division at (352) 392-1409 or email Officer Jeff Lamb

That is probably way more information then you really wanted, right off the cuff, but I wanted to make sure you understood before I said the next line….


I’m not sure how to explain this…but fight nights are just loads of fun…stressful, but fun. A couple of the girls I work with and I go to as many as we can. When we go to fight night we get to participate in an actual fight – not a knock down drag out, but a controlled fight. We wear protective gear and our ‘aggressors’ wear what is known as a ‘Red Man Suit’...

We students are in protective gear as well, head, elbow, knee and hand pads help keep us both from getting hurt. And then they attack us and we get to use the techniques that they have taught us to defend ourselves. And IT IS FUN!! We throw punches and we kick and we knock them down and they block and parry and they try to keep us from escaping. It’s a blast. And I am beginning to think it is addictive as well. We just keep going back!

This is an excellent course for women to take. It really adds to the confidence level. It helps to instill good safety habits and it shows how to get away from some pretty scary situations – and stay out of them in the first place.

This program is all over the country (and in Canada, I think) police departments and universities seem to be the hubs, but you could go here to see if there is one near you.

Anyway, I think that you should go check it out and see if you like it as much as I do.

And let me know? I love to hear about how it makes people feel!

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Christa said...

FIGHT! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!!.........oops Oh yeah I almost forgot.


A really great and lots of fun!!