Friday, July 30, 2010

Annual Cpl David W Moss Memorial Observance

The memorial this morning was very nice. Tastefully done. I love being able to honor David like this every year - it is important to me that he be remembered, not just because I love him (notice the present tense? I DO still love him, I don't quit loving people just cuz they die, and that's a good thing or there would be a WHOLE lot less love in my life!!) but also so that his sacrifice is forever there. He absolutely was in the line of work he wanted to be in, he was a cop in his heart, not just in his choice of fashion. He was one of those people who knew from childhood what they were going to be when they grew up. A Cop. A man that stands between the people he cares about and the bad guys that would do them harm. A man that can make a difference in a whole lotta lives, a positive difference. A man that remains strong no matter what, but cries inside every time he sees an injustice done and strives to right the wrongs and ease the hurts. He loved what he did and if he could talk to me now I believe that he would tell me that his life ended in a manner consistant with that dream. I've been told that he was a good cop and I believe the ones that told me that (naive? maybe, but I don't care, my choice) and I am still proud of that man with the wonderful laugh and the love he shared with so many. I still miss him and probably always will.

Thank you Williston Police Department for honoring him every year. I know that it is not really as easy as it looks on the outside. You do a great job and you make him proud.

Thank you Chief, for standing up and doing what you feel is the right thing to do, even when it means missing part of your vacation.

Thank you Gail, for all the work you put into the planning and execution of this memorial. You have done a wonderful job once again.

Thank you John, for sweating your butt off and getting that awesome music and all those other little things you do to help make it happen.

Thank you Jimmy, it means so much to me, and to David, knowing that you are able to share in these observances.

Thank you to the officers who stand there in the sweltering heat to show your respect to a fallen brother.

Thank you to the people who were there, both in person and in spirit, you help to make this so special.

And, thank you to Traveler, for the support and love you have shown me over the years when it comes to David, this makes you very special to me. (and for stepping up when Chief blindsided you with his request this morning - lol)

(hopefully later today I will get a pic or two up here.)got em up thanks Gail!!))


Anonymous said...

Lori, we wouldn't miss the Memorial for David each year ... it means alot to us that you continue to make yourself available to the Williston Police Dept in order to keep his memory alive. We couldn't do it without you and Trav. We continue to appreciate David's dedication to what he loved to do and that he lost his life in the line of duty.

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