Thursday, July 29, 2010

Annual Cpl David W Moss Memorial Observance preview

Ok, so tomorrow is the 22 anniversary of David’s death. I could not believe it when I look at last year and there isn’t a post, how did THAT happen? Probably FaceBooks fault.

Anyway, tomorrow is the Annual Memorial at Williston Police Department (I guess one day I will have to post the outline of what happened that night, but not right now). This year will a bit different though, as Chief Davis is on vacation and Mr. Clay is in the hospital!! Bruce retired and there is no one else who was here then. I know it will be tasteful and beautiful, as they have proven in the past they are Great.

The Police Department sent out an invitation via FaceBook and people have actually RSVP’d, so let’s see how that works out…should make it even better!

David’s brother Jim is going to try to make it up again this year…he came up last year and we went to Jack’s for lunch after the trip out to the cemetery. It rained so hard that we couldn’t see the cars out the window.

This is an extremely solemn occasion and I really appreciate what the Williston Police Department does every year to help me keep his memory alive – but I must admit that I have an unbelievably difficult time staying serious…at least where others can see or hear or read what I’m saying/doing/writing…and it tends to cause embarrassment later when I look back at some of the silly things that occurred.

Anyways, this is just a rambling post as a prelude to the memorial tomorrow…and I’m hoping I have the remembering in place to write about how well it went.

If you are interested there are a couple of other posts regarding David and memorials – you can find them here

ok, here is the link to Amazon where the book is available (blatant plug)

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