Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Halloween again!!!

and as per our usual custom, a couple of us dressed at work. We did our theme again and there are three of us. I'm not going to write too much here, but here are a few pictures. This was a really fun costume to put together, Trav got involved in helping me gather the needed pieces and parts (like fabrics and thread spools) and helped with the final assembly. He took these pics on my iphone, so they are a bit blurry, but I'm sure you get the idea.

hope you enjoy them!!!

and here are a few more from the big camera before he had to leave for work...


Erin Glee said...

You are a WONDER(land)FUL Mad Hatter! I wish I could see the details better... you are right, the phone pics are blurry, but I get the overall idea. You and your coworkers had fun!

Nancy said...

I love your costume!

You might want to check my blog ... soon! :-)

Marlene said...

LOVE the costumes!

Thanks for visiting my blog.