Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Crafts

Here are a few of last years Easter Decorations.  I have not started on this year yet. 
  They are from several different sites and I cannot remember all of them.

The bunny, the basket and the tulip card are from SVGcuts

The Large Layered Eggs are from Jennifer Maker

The small eggs are the ones I don't remember, sorry...but with all the files I have hanging around, I have tons I have no idea where they came from...the last year I have learned to organize better tho, so it shouldn't happen with any of my newer files.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Cards 1

I've been making a lot of cards this last year....I mean A LOT of cards.
Most of them went to family - but a fair number went to friends.
I was on a roll and I'm thinking most of you are a tad tired of receiving them by now.
So this post is just a short little picture post, to share a couple of them.  
Not all, not by a long shot, but I will be doing more posts with cards.
To fill in when I'm running a little low on inspiration.


Sunday, March 14, 2021





 This weeks edition is in honor of St. Patricks day - a Leprechaun Trap!

This file is from SVG cuts and was super easy to assemble.  




The 'bling' is all from Dollar Tree and I made that silly ladder from scratch. 



Over all it is about 18 inches high and there is a 'gold' coin hanging inside to lure the leprechaun into the trap...the bottom is a box to hold him once he is caught.  LOL


All in all I was very happy with how it turned out. 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Key chains


Made these babies year before last for Krawl'n for the Fallen.
They are resin, glitter and vinyl.  
Fun to make, but took a long time.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Low poly art

 Have you ever heard of Lo Poly Art?  
Neither had I.  Then one day I saw something on one of my facebook pages and thought to myself, "Self, you need to make something like that!"  and as you might have guessed my self told me I was insane and to just move on.  But did I listen?  Of Course not!!!
And the next thing you know, I am looking into the art of Low Poly.
What is Low Poly, you ask?  Well, here is one definition...
"Low Poly is a style of design that translates an image into a polygon tessellation using three sided polygons. The sharp angles and fractal appearance give the subject a vibrant and striking style." 
 Another definition might read something like this..."Insanity using paper and glue"
I have to say that I kinda enjoyed making this, but it was insanely difficult after a certain point.  
As you can see in the pictures above, the figure/item being made starts out as flat cardstock, numbered and scored, ready for an easy assembly.  NOT EASY!!!!  lol
First off, I could not get my program to recognize the lines and numbers, so that was an added step.  Then once cut out I had to use the PDF included with the purchased file to number all the pieces...and how many pieces do you think came with this little kitty?  I Think it was forty eight...and they looked kinda like this

see all those little numbers around the outside of each piece?  yeah, I had to pencil all of those onto each of those 48 pieces so that I could attach the correct pieces together in the correct order so as to create the kitty seen below. 

this picture was taken during assembly...he was still a little wobbly.  

and these two are him sitting in the alcove of honor after completion.  He sits over two feet tall and about 7 inches wide.

He may be a cat, but he was a BEAR to make!!!  lol 

and as if this didn't teach me, there is another one I will show in a future blogpost...
but so far that is it!


Sunday, February 21, 2021

We were so new!

 You will laugh at this one...

The story is this, we were super new to this RV life and on a super hot Florida summer day, the power went out in the campground. (we have learned since then that this happens a LOT).  

We didn't know anyone yet and had no idea where anything was in the area, yet...we were standing outside, where it was a tad cooler, thinking about how to keep the fids {fur kids} cool, and people were starting to exit their RVs to see if it was them or everyone.  

We smiled at them and one smiled back so we ended up crossing the street and chatting with him. His name is Rich and he is a retired Florida Highway Patrol Motor.  We had a great chat, until his wife yelled at him thru the door that it was getting hot in the MH and he needed to start the generator.  LOL

Well, we went in to check on the fids and noticed that the lights were out.  They should have stayed on for quite a while, working off the 'house' battery, but they were not.  A little trouble shooting by my wonderful spouse and we discovered that the fuse had blown.  And guess what we had forgotten to buy???  Yep, not a single 30 amp fuse to be found.  Sigh. 

So what to do?  It was getting warmer and Trav had started to assemble the needed items to start the generator to at least run the fans, so we didn't want to have to pack up the fids and drive to the auto supply store.  We decided to fall on the mercy of our new aquaintance and Trav ambled across the street and begged Rich for a fuse.

HE HAD ONE!!!!  Even tho his rig was 50 amp, his assorted kit had a pretty little green feller that he graciously handed over without a second thought. 

Trav replaced the burned out fuse and we had lights again!!!  And just about the time we were getting ready to put the babies in the truck with the AC running, the power came back on!!!!!  Yippee!!!

Anywho, that is why I ended up making this a thank you for his kindness, and to make him smile.  We returned his generosity twice over and used the blown fuse in the 'artwork'.  He loved it!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Here is another one

 I really don't know if you want to see my stuff, but this way it's out there for the world to admire, or pass on's the worlds choice.  I may or may not have anything to say about each of these things, but will still post a pic.  Enjoy

there are several different items here that I made and I had so much fun doing them

this one was a file from and has interchangeable letters for the tree:

Heart tree Shadowbox

here it is lit one to make, included the frame file

this one is my own creation, start to finish...that is Annie.

this one is from of my very favorite sites, Mary is totally awesome and it is not unusual for her to be the one that answers any questions directed to them via facebook or their site.  Love them.


this is another of my own probably can't really see it but there are 4 layers in there...another fun one.

now this is actually two items, one is a box and the other is a sliceform that can fold flat to be mailed...these files are from Papercrafts Etc. and she is pretty awesome as well.  She doesn't just make the files, she explains a lot of the math involved as well.  

Papercraft Etc. 


well, I think that's it for this episode  lol  bye bye

Monday, February 8, 2021

It occured to me the other day...

 that I had not posted anything crafty in a very long time...and since this blog was originally created to showcase (love that word) crafts, then I have been falling down on my job...

I will try to do better.  I will try to post at least one new item each week.  Most of what I am making is being mailed to people, so the pics will almost always be a week or so behind the actual items creation in order for it to arrive prior to's only fair, right?

So I will start off with this clock - I have no true use for it, I just loved how it looked and had to make it.  lol

this file is from The Dreaming Tree and their web site is: 
Leo and his team create some truly wonderful cut files and I have a number of will see them along the way, I am sure.  
Anyway, this is all for today, and I hope to see you all again, soon.  Bye bye. 

Friday, December 20, 2019

Who knew?

Who knew it would be this hard?

I was excited and scared, looking forward to the new stuff.  But the old stuff has such a hold on me, that it's almost impossible to let it go.

God knew.  He made sure I left.  He had His plan and I have to abide - no matter how hard.

I've done hard things before.  I've made it through all the things I should have laid down and given up over.  This is just another one of those things.

It wasn't real until today.  Now it's real.  I cannot go back again.  No matter what.

If there are things there that I need or want, too bad.  It's not mine anymore.  If there are things there that you need or want, too bad.  It's not yours anymore either. 

Storage unit is full to the brim and I still left so much many many many things....and that's all they are - things. 

Oh, but it many years of my many happy memories and many sad ones too. 

A therapist told Trav that bad memories can hold you to a place just as strongly as good ones...that it is the emotion that holds you prisoner, regardless of the reason behind it.  I guess that's true.

It's the home my parents build.  The home we came to when we left the service.  The home we brought Shane to when he was born.  The home we lived in and loved in and lost in.  All of our fur babies are buried on that property. 

So much much much much life.

I know this is not the type of post you are used to seeing from me, but it needed to be said and I think you needed to hear it, too.  Thank you for your understanding as I deal with this new situation.  Love to you all.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Maiden Voyage!!!!

Well...we made our first trip in the camper.  Not far, just about 10 miles from the house.  Hopefully this is where we will be until the beginning of February.  We are eternally grateful to our wonderful friend for offering us this beautiful place to park our home until we get all our ducks in a row.  We could not ask for a better friend.  We appreciate our good friend Jay as well, for although we did not take him up on his offer, it was made with an open heart. Friends who are really family - We love you both!!! 

We couldn’t have done it today, without Althea and Jesse.  They were so helpful and encouraging.  Didn’t let us get/stay rattled no matter what happened.  Kept us on an even keel the whole time.  We are truly blessed to have family who can and do step up when we need them.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!  And I want to mention the other part of the Wendell trio, Debi has been keeping tabs on us and making sure that we are doing ok and have what we need as the time got closer….even loaned us her van when we had to leave the truck to be detailed.  Family!  Where would we be without them?!

Waving Good bye
Now, the cats pitched a fit when we put them in the crate, first we had to get them out of their room…didn’t get the door locked soon enough, but finally settled down.  Annie is still at the house as we have no electric here, at this time, working on that issue – simple oversight on the part of my sweet Trav, he didn’t get with the owner/caretaker so didn’t know that there is a switch inside that needs to be thrown.

Only one thing fell and that was my craft room shelves, one side of the bracket just came right out of the wall, guess I’ll use anchors when I put it back up.  Other than that, non-eventful inside, so I guess we did a good job of putting everything up where it would stay put.  Two tension rods came free, but the items they were holding never moved, so they don’t count. Lol

As I sit here writing this, in the dark cuz no electricity, all I can really think about is how blessed we have been thru all of this.  Every deadline has been met and God has found ways to extent time when we needed it, every time.
On the road

our new front yard
This post is a little out of whack since I am still kinda stressed and seem to have acquired a migraine along the way – it is manageable, but don’t ask me to make any more decisions today – but I wanted to at least get it written while everything was still fresh in my mind.
our new yard

our new yard
Annie has been doing wonderful with her ‘camper training’.  Coming in and going out without any real issues.  She has it down.  She wasn’t totally comfortable with Jess and Althea this morning, but she didn’t freak out like last time, so that is a huge improvement.  She is a little confused about where she lives, but that will sort itself out now that the camper is not at the house.

The sale is tomorrow, and we are no where near done getting all the stuff out of the house.  But we are doing the very best that we can and that will have to do.  We are living in the camper, and that seems to be going okay.  Seeing as moving the camper pretty much took up the whole day, I didn’t get the laundry done like I had hoped, but that is minor in the grand scheme of things.  I am not unhappy with any of this at this point.  We are happy, we have a roof over our heads, we will be eating soon and we are safe…. who could ask for anything more?  Thank you, God!

Edit:  we have Power!!!  Thank you, Bobby, for going out of your way to make sure we were taken care of.

Sunday, November 24, 2019


Why do I always have critter stories?

Well, we always have critters and for whatever reason, they seem to like this property/area.

This time it was a poor little 7 month old Pomsky that managed to escape her new owners as soon as they got home.  She had been hanging out around our place and the first time I saw her I mistook her for a coyote (after I got a good look at her I knew I was nuts, but at dawn it's hard to tell).  Why is this story important?  Well, because we had been working on getting OUR critters acclimated to the camper, which came to a screeching halt every time Chelsea (the pomsky) showed her pretty little face.  As well as all the people that were trying to catch her showing up all the time without warning and sending Annie into hyperdrive.  Then there were the two traps in the yard that smelled of different animals to Annie and she didn't like that and then there were two (yes 2) raccoons caught in one of them. 

We, of course, had to try to help with getting the little girl caught, which disrupted the schedule we had set for ourselves.  So we tried melatonin - made her a tad sleepy, but not enough soes we could catch her or even get close to her.  She wasn't afraid of us, just not going to let us touch her...little brat!    Then we attempted Ace, same thing, her metabolism must be Awesome!  We didn't get any closer either time.  But - I was feeding her first thing in the mornings for two days, two feedings of half a can each time.  As well as sitting on the porch and tossing kibble to she was getting closer and more used to me and starting to trust that I would provide food...this was a good thing.  She had been free for two weeks by now and we were getting super anxious about leaving her here when we left - coyotes like little dogs. 

Charlotte - the neighbor helping the owners out - found a larger trap and they set it up complete with cardboard on the bottom so she wouldn't be stepping onto the wire bottom, and two bowls of food just past the trigger.  She wanted that food but would not go into the trap to get it, it sat there all night.  The next morning I put the first serving of her breakfast just inside the trap, on the cardboard, and Chelsea was right behind me, ready to eat.  I sat on the porch and watched her, she was stretched out as long as she could be to keep her back feet out of the trap and still eat the food, which was sliding further into the trap, thanks to the cardboard.  Then she was all the way in!!!  Eating and starting and eating and jumping and eating and finishing right before reaching the trigger!!! DANG IT!!!

I did not know how the trap worked, so I woke Trav to come help me and we put her second serving, consisting of half of what was left in the can, right into the bowl she had just finished in the same place, and the rest just past the trigger.  Went into the house and watched out the window as she went back for her second breakfast.  She was pretty skittish, but she knew I had put more food in there so she went in to get it - and when she finished that first bowl, she had to have just One More Bite - and SNAP!  We had her.  Safe at last!  I cried, I was so thankful to have her caught and she would be safe and cared for, like she should be.  She is back with her owner family and seems to be doing great and we are so thankful that it all ended well.

Now that that saga has concluded, it's back to getting Annie into the camper.  We made a ramp and stapled her rug onto it for traction and got her interested in some special kibble and actually managed to get her to walk up the ramp eating kibble out of my hand...didn't freak out til Trav started to go in and rocked the camper - she tried to come back out and we wouldn't let her - and then we spent some time inside with her and she was a bit scared but settled down pretty quick.   So we walked her back down the ramp - not as smooth as we would have liked, but still a positive experience, and went in the house. A little while later we tried again, didn't go as nicely, but once inside she was fine.  Coming out the second time was great, so we quit while we were ahead.  Tomorrow we will try again.

The cats were fine when we took them over, not happy, but not as stressed as we thought they might be.  The kitty litter/food area is done and when we take them over tomorrow they will be introduced to that and we will be ready to move on. 

We have a few more things to do and a couple of engagements before we are moved in completely - but things are back on track and we are finally making it work out


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tow vehicle Found!!!

Ok, so the second biggest part of our plan has been located and purchased.  A GIANT thank you to Drew Myhree of Myhree Motors for the hours you put in for us...locating just the perfect vehicle to use in our new adventure.

It is a 2004 Chevy Suburban...looks kinda "Men in Black" needs some internal remodeling - just like the camper did - to make it work for is used....

But it is Beautiful!!!!

We are only two weeks away from living in the camper.  Still need to finish moving things in (aka finding places for all my junk)  and get all excess into storage.  Have only had the kitties in there once and it was not a big hit for them...that will start happening again tomorrow...I'll video Rosie, she is very vocal normally and Extreemly noisy in the camper  lol

My nerves are really getting involved in this now, please pray for me!!!!