Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Craft Room

Trav and I are in a perpetual state of remodel! No wait, not US---our House!

We were supposed to be working on the back room (referenced in a previous post) but for some reason we are not. Saturday we started working on my craft room…

I want my craft room organized and neat and for it to be somewhere that I can go to relax and be creative. It is none of those things at the moment, nor has it been.

When we first discussed what we needed to do in there I envisioned a row of storage totes all labeled with craft components and just Waiting for me to drop pieces and parts into them in preparation of redoing that room. Reality once again rears it’s ugly head…somehow we ended up starting willy nilly – without a shred of organization, just jumped in and started pulling things out!!! Oh NO!!!! I am traumatized – sniff sniff - I think I’ll stop this line of self pity right here…just know that I DIDN’T LIKE IT one bit! and Trav found a way to make it a little easier on me, so…onward…

This is a room approx 8 x 6 that has shelves on both long sides, a drop down work surface on one short side and the door on the other short side. The shelves on one side are about 5 inches deep and on the other side are about 18 inches deep. We cut 3 of the wide shelves back to about 12 inches, leaving the top two for long term storage as opposed to everyday accessibility. The bottom two shelves were removed and one put back in at table top height to extend my work surface the length of the room. We are going to extend the top shelf across the short end over the work surface to give me a little more storage space. We will be putting drawers under the work surface and smaller drawers on the surface towards the back for pens and things like that. On the wall to the left of the work surface is a group of shelves that are wider than the others, just one section that is about 15” wide…we are, hopefully going to turn those into a paper rack. I would really like to see shallow shelves that are tilted to a 25 or 30 degree angle with a small lip on the outside edge and a finger notch…then put a piece of chipboard on this shelf then the paper on top of that. (Then maybe I can color coordinate my papers and cardstock and actually be able to FIND things?)

Right now it is a major disaster and I’m not able to do any crafting….hopefully we will be able to get back to it soon.

I haven’t decided what I want to put on the work surface…Formica? wall board?? or??? There is a pegboard on the short wall next to the door, and I have some components to use with that, but I really haven’t figured out the way I want to do it yet. We will be putting some form of lighting under the shelves on the long wall (over the work surface) and mostly that long desk will be used for ‘work stations’, such as my die cutter, my large trimmer and things like that.

I‘m not really sure where we are going from here…we really need to put something different on the floor or go to the bare wood look, but not just an area thing, all or nothing I think. And something easy to keep clean.

I don’t know…I’ll give you an update when we have something new going on and after we are done I will upload a pic so you can see by beautiful new crafting area!!!

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