Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scrapbook Expo

Scrapbook Expo

We went to Orlando this weekend to attend a Scrapbook Expo. I was SO excited!! I signed up for 9 classes/workshops!

We took Friday off and got up at 4:30 in order to make sure we were packed and on the road by 7am. We were taking the laptops, the cameras, the food and on our way we went. Got about a mile from the house when Trav turns the truck around and said, Forgot my laptop!!! Lol. Since he was planning on working on a project while I was in class, he had to have that little baby! So, we went back.

Actually got on the road at about 7:30, and headed out 27 to Ocala. We planned on stopping on the way to pick up an insulated mug that would fit into my drink holder that clamps on the table, figured that wouldn’t take long. Wrong! Couldn’t find one that fit…so we stopped at Wally World knowing that they had the Bubba mugs with the skinny bottoms – rrriigghhtt, that was a real adventure. Couldn’t find them in housewares, nor could we find anyone to help us…oh we found people all right, they just were not going to help. The guy in automotive, when asked where the mugs were in his department acted like it was an imposition to point down an aisle and say, “somewhere past the oil”. Finally a young lady from sporting goods tried to help and was totally confused when she realized that an entire aisle was missing. That’s when it hit me, seasonal!!! So I went searching for the coolers and sun tea jugs, and there they were. One style, looks like a basket ball…ugh. But it would work, had a cover, wouldn’t sweat, could put a straw in it and it fit the holder. So 45 minutes later, we were back in business.

Back to the truck and let’s get going!! Ah, shucks, I’m hungry! Ok, make a quick stop at Mickey D’s for breakfast and get back on the road. Finally!!!

So, on the road we go, and believe it or not, the rest of the trip down was uneventful. We were running a little later than I wanted so we arrived at the Convention Center at approximately 10am and my first workshop was at 11. I needed to find the registration desk, get my tickets and room info and find the room and be there on time. And I MADE IT!

My first workshop was Celebrating Sisterhood, with Sue from Albums & Answers, making a 6 x 6 accordion album – using accordion paper for the inside, but constraining the spine with ribbon so it was really a book. It was fun and the instructor was very good with an excellent sense of humor.

My second one was was Bright Birthday Mini Album, same as Sisterhood, but with a different theme. Very cute.

and then we scrap outside the book with a wall hanging, absolutely adorable…Live, Love, Laugh with Keller’s Creations – they were hilarious and the class was great…fast paced, but not the speed of lightening fast lol

After that was about an hour and a half break, so I called Trav and asked him to pick me up so I could eat, then bring me back in time for the 6:30 workshop. Which he did. While I waited for him I took my first walk around the exhibit floor, lots of kewl stuff just waiting for me to find it.

Which eventually I did

This one was Expanding Baby Album – This was kind of a unique project, and I think that if all the components had fit together properly and the instructor wasn’t ill, it would have been a great class…but…I am planning on making this one at home, on my own, to see if it works out any better. I would really like this one if it is done correctly.

and that was it for Friday, Trav came and got me…it was right about 8pm. Long Day, but BOY did I have fun!!!!

And that’s it for today…stay tuned for Saturday!!!

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