Friday, April 4, 2008

Scrapbook Expo Day 2

Hi Ya’ll, I’m Back!

Have you been breathlessly awaiting today’s installment? Well? Have you? oh, not really? sigh, I was afraid of that….Oh well, I’m here now, so I will tell you the rest of the story!

Ok then, the day started at 7, got up, got all my stuff together, went downstairs and got some French toast and coffee and headed out. The first class was at 9.

The first one was A boys life chipboard album, by Rusty Pickle. Parking was horrendous so our instructor was a trifle late and flustered, but her Teacher’s Assistant (TA) had everything well under control…we already had our kits, she had already collected our ticket stubs and we were all ready when she walked in at 5 minutes til class time. That was a fun class, it was rather fast but not frantic…we did not finish the album of course, that rarely happens in a workshop, but it was fun anyway. I finished that one when I got home and it’s really cute.

Then came the marathon! I signed up for FOUR S.E.I. classes! one right after the other, one at 11, one at 12:30, the next at 2:30 and then the last at 4:30. That is with a half hour between each class for clean up and set up.

Ok, the first one was to teach us 4 ribbon techniques. And although I don’t have a picture up of that one, it was really cute. It is the word Friends, cut out and embellished. We only had an hour for that class and it really wasn’t long enough to get it all done…that one was truly frantic! But with everyone helping each other, we finished on time with a great little album.

Second came the 4 album enhancing techniques – In that class we worked on a “scrapbook in a box” and learned how to make French knots – work with linen paper – doodle with a stencil and ink edges. That was an hour and a half and it took a bit of work to keep up, but it was still fun. We almost finished a 20 page 8x8 album. I finished it when I got home and now need to find photos that will do it justice.

Third was a 2 page spread to learn how to have motion on the page. We learned how to cut page protectors and make slides and folded papers to hide then reveal the photos or journaling. This class was a little more leisurely and we did finish everything there. Again I need to find the ‘right’ pics.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Velvet paper techniques. We were supposed to learn 4 ways to work with/enhance/embellish velvet paper. Inking, stamping, embossing and rub ons. That was a 6 panel accordion album made out of heavy chipboard and is really kewl! It is one of my favorites. That was a really laid back class since it was the last one of the day and we didn’t have to be out by any specific time. It was a lot of fun and I would really like to do one like that again.

I didn’t really have any time left over for make & takes, so when I had a couple minutes between the S.E.I. classes I ran around the exhibit floor and bought my stuff and purchased the M&T kits to bring home and do.

I also bought a Zutter Bind-it-all system! That is going to make some of the paper crafts I do SSSOO much easier! That is how I bound this word bloom album that was one of the M&Ts.

And I also used it to punch the holes in one of my coaster boxes (not this one of course, but the other one lol).

The trip home was pretty uneventful, except that Trav was the navigator, since I was driving, and he sent us the wrong way on I-4 and we ended up going approx. 24 miles before turning around and heading back. Got caught in the traffic madhouse by Disney and that took some time to work thru, but once we were past that it was smooth sailing all the way home.

I had taken Monday off from work too just cuz I KNEW I would want to play with all my new treasures, so I just planned to craft. And except for a little run in with a wild animal early on in the day, it went relatively nicely. (and I’ll tell you THAT story in a day or two lol)

So there you have it folks…the continuing saga of the crazy lady with the funny name. (read that in a radio announcers voice….bet you can’t help but laugh!)

Bye ya’ll

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