Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Veteran's Day

Well, once again the annual reminder that Freedom isn't Free has come and gone...did you remember it as anything more than a day off? Or holiday pay? Did you say Thank You to someone for what you have? We seem to like to take things for granted, freedom being the most common thing, as we are not often reminded that it is a special part of our lives. Not that we don't KNOW that we are free...we do, just look at all the times that someone takes someone to court or complains about something or demonstrates against something, or For something, or disagrees with something the "Man" has to say or has done. Those are all signs of Freedom. Signs that we do not often even think about, let alone thank someone for. One day a year, wow, that is just amazing, only one day a year does the 'average American' thank the keepers of that freedom, if then. The 'average American' does not raise a flag to our soldiers, does not smile at our soldiers, does not take the initiative in making sure that our soldiers know that we appreciate them...the 'average American' might nod at a soldier in the airport, or stare at one in a restaurant but to walk up to one and say "Thank you"? Oh no, THAT would be out of the question! I know, lot's of people will think that this is unfair...sorry bout that...I think it's unfair that the very people that are protecting our right to protest their actions are having their actions protested. What makes me go off on this? We had the day off from work, and when we came back in yesterday there was not one single thing visible showing that anyone in that entire building had even flags, no signs, no buttons, no red white and blue, no NOTHING. Isn't that interesting? Let's see, for the 4th of July we decorate the whole town and have a celebration that everyone attends, we get the day off, have picnics, go to the shore.....but to honor those people who PAY for that, we get the day off, and the Veterans organizations hold ceremonies that are so poorly attended that we don't even know they happened. You know when the fireworks are going to start, but not when we are going to say thanks...this is a very sad commentary on our country. Of course if there is someone in the family that is in the military, or over seas, stationed in another state/country, then this is a different story. But most of us do not have someone like we just put that disturbing picture out of our minds and 'get on with our lives'. It's sad. And I feel like I need to tell every soldier in our military that I am sorry, that this country has become so apathetic that they can't even say thank you. So, on that note....


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