Friday, February 29, 2008

Migraines - there aughta be a law

I hate these, sorry if this post is a little on the negative side...don't mean to be, but if you have ever had a migraine then you will understand. They are bad enough when they kreep up on you during the day, you kinda get yourself in the zone to deal with the pain and take your meds as soon as you know...but to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning with a full blown migraine is really the pits. It's pace the floor time because it takes 30 to 45 minutes for the meds to start to work and there is no relief from the pain until then. I miss way too much because of them and we don't know exactly what causes them in the night. During the day we can usually trace them to something, a smell, a stresser or a movement/action...but at night? All I'm doing is sleeping!!!! at least I THINK that's all I'm doing...may be there is more to this than I realize and I should start filming the bedroom at night in an effort to ascertain what is REALLY going on in there? Nah, that would be silly, it's just the three of us, Trav, me and Loverboy, the cat....unless the cat is sleeping on my neck, then it's got to be internal. Oh well, at this point all I care about is it is gone now and the after effects of the meds will wear off soon and then I can be sorta normal again. sigh, what a delightful sounding word that is. later


Hummie said...

I have never had migraines,but know people who do and they sound just horrible. I'm sorry that you are suffering and pray God take your pain away.

Yelowflower said...

Thank you Hummie, that is very sweet of you :o)