Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nothing much happened today. We made our weekly trip to Ocala for grocerys and other sundry articles. Went down SS Blvd to Harbor Freight cuz Trav wanted some C-clamps...get all the way out there and guess what? Harbor Freight was GONE!!!! Not even a sign to say they had ever been there! We were a bit upset, as that is one of our favorite stores to buy tools and stuff. So we pull back out on SS Blvd to head back towards the Wally World that we usually shop at and are discussing the tragedy that has befallen us, when I take out my cell phone to see if I have the number. We were thinking, maybe they just moved, but if they did wouldn't there have been a sign or something? Just then we looked to the left at the strip mall that the Publix is in and guess what we found? Yep Harbor Freight. They moved over there about three weeks ago and the sign that WAS in the window of the old store somehow got messed up and so they just took it down!
So...we found our store, bought his C-clamps, plus a few other things and were on our way...see? sometimes it Does work out good. (the other thing missing was a scrapbook store we had been to before - gone and another business in that storefront, sigh, I HATE when that happens)


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