Friday, February 8, 2008

Ok, so I promised a little bit on the craft show last Saturday, and here it is...

There was a whole lot of STUFF! LOL...most of it not new, but some pretty good. There was a stamp company there with the most beautiful wood mounted rubber stamps - you wanna know just HOW beautiful??? TRAV bought one! That tells me that there were some special stamps there. That about tells it all, most of it was the same ol same ol, but it was fun anyway.

We stopped at a yard sale on the way back and it turned out that the seller also had a greenhouse, so guess what I got? 4 plants, really quite reasonably priced too. Makes me happy.

and then we came home. The trip home was your usual boring ride from one side of the state to the other and we were really looking forward to getting home and relaxing. We were half way between Dunnellon and Williston just toolin along at about 65 mph on a little two lane road. It's dark and not too many cars on the road as it is getting late. I'm driving and Trav is just chilling in the passenger seat of our truck, when he lets out the GASP!!! I look where he is looking and coming right at us are headlights!! Someone is trying to pass on a hill and just topped it right in front of us!! I took the truck off the right side of the road and waited to see where he was going next, and he (there is no gender neutral sorry guys) managed to get BACK in his lane before we went by each other. It was one of those things that you cannot predict and can just pray really quickly that God will 'take the wheel'. And in this case, He did. Thank you Lord for delivering us from that danger...we know You had Your hand on us that evening. (see? I promised you a story too.)

sorry it wasn't more exciting, maybe our trip to Orlando in March will liven things up a bit...two days at a scrapbook convention, that WILL be FUN!!!

Until next time, taa taa.

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