Monday, February 11, 2008

Well here it is Monday evening and I skipped writing another day yesterday...bad bad YF, sorry folks, I'm really trying - I'm not doing so good, but I try lol

Heard from a friend tonight who we haven't spoken with in a while, good to know he and his wife are alive and doing well, kinda miss them around here, no one pulls me over just to talk anymore...sigh.

Typical Monday at work, too many distractions, difficult to buckle down, got the essentials done, but still have loads of other stuff to do, have to do better. Right, like THAT's going to happen lololol

We picked up the components of a drip watering system Saturday to use in our greenhouse - it's just a little thing and the only way to water the plants in there was to set up a sprinkler so we didn't have to keep opening it and letting in all the cold air...well, the sprinkler need just way too much water pressure in order to oscillate, so...we are going to change the system. I think it's a good thing anyway because we can set each plant up with the right amount of water, instead of flooding all of them. It may take a while to get it set up, but it should work pretty good when it's done. Then we can add on to it in the spring when we plant Trav's orange seeds. I'm really looking forward to getting it set up, I like the idea of doing it right. Anyway, if it follows the same way most of our stuff does, I'll be able to post some pics to show you how hard we are working. lol

well, guess that's it for now, except to say HI J & J!
and Welcome Home D & K and O & S hope you enjoyed your cruises, brats!

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