Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things to do today


Sorry I missed ya yesterday, too busy to think of something to write!
Still working in the Craft Room! You are about tired of hearing that aren't you? I know I would be lol

Going to Althea's house today to work on some projects...that should be lots of fun, she is SUCH a talented's a joy to watch her create things...and she is starting to get really involved in scrapbooking. Today I get to see some of that first hand and I am excited!

Trav is off trying to interview someone for David's book, haven't been able to get with this person even tho they say they want to talk about him, they have not made themselves available...this is the last chance.

My sister Annilee, sent me an email with some of her recollections - Trav will work on that tonight. Not everyone who is contributing will be named personally in the book, but we really appreciate any and all who have helped us out with it...this is a real important project - to us definitely - and we HOPE to others as well.

Well, that's my post for today..gotta get busy putting stuff together to take with me. Talk at ya tomorrow.

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