Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurray- it's a long weekend

what plans do you have this weekend? family get together? short vacation? cook-out? are ya gonna go bowling? go to the water park, play in the backyard pool? take the kids to Disney? shop til you drop? wash the car? change the oil? lol

There are just SO many things that we can/have to do on a long weekend that sometimes it can seem overwhelming!! But we handle it well, we pick a couple and do those, enjoy ourselves and then lament the lack of time needed to do the rest! What a strange people we are.

Our weekend will consist of our normal grocery shopping trip to Ocala, then me back in my craft room (which I have neglected horribly as I seemed to be unable to get anywhere with the chore - kept finding projects that needed doing lol) and working on David's book. That seems kinda fitting doesn't it? It being Memorial Day and all?

Speaking of that book, it's getting down to the wire now, only about two weeks before we need to send it to the publishing company! It seems like we just started this project but when I look back, it's been a long time in the making. The time has flown by and the deadline approaches and we realize that there are SO many people that have stories & we can't find saddens me. But we have done the best we could and will be proud of the end product. I am SO very proud of Trav and all the effort and artistry he has devoted to this. Once again I must say, He is the wind beneath my wings.
you can see that layout here layout

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