Monday, August 11, 2008

Underwear vs Socks

(not sure how I managed a double post, but I am sorry about that)

Somehow I never thought I would be blogging about undergarments!!! But it seems that my DH and a male co-worker are having some form of mild disagreement over which is more important. One says underwear and the other says socks....well to be more precise....the discussion is over which should be purchased first when both are says UW and the other Socks. Now, every mother knows the answer to this question....UW. Remember your mom telling you to always wear clean ones in case you get in an accident and they have to take you to the I told my DH that and he agrees that it could effect your level of care if the entire ER/ED is laughing at your old ratty UW...whereas they would just as soon not notice your socks and might just say that holey socks are just an effort to ventilate your toes so they don't smell so bad! lol

what do you think?

I was just informed that the word Underwear encompasses socks britches and under shirts - I beg to differ - I believe that under GARMENTS handles all those critters and under WEAR is what covers ones arse!!! lol

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Kimberly said...

I'd vote for new undies myself! You can always go barefoot...