Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday night

How did it get to be Sunday night already? What happened to the week end? Spent 6 hours at Althea's yesterday...I had a really good time, and I hope she did too. Debi and Donna went round and round for quite some time, but Althea and I just kept right on keepin on and got our project finished. I enjoyed the creativity involved.

Then today I worked a little in the yard - planted a couple of things, watered everything, just spent a little time outside, that was nice.

Then there was a major rainstorm!!! complete with marble size hail!! I got the Cricut sold and was packing it up when the storm hit...had to go out on the porch and watch the hail bounce around...then the wind changed direction and the hail was hitting up on the porch where we were!!! lol so I came back in and was about to print the packing slips so I could seal up the box, and the power went off. That was at 4:07 just came back on at 9:24 pm...we had to call twice - I HATE when that happens. But it's on now and I'm going to print that right now before something else

I also have to work on a wedding invitation keepsake, and a charity ride logo...gonna be a busy week.

Talk at ya tomorrow!


Wanda said...

Hey, can you email me. I wanted to give everyone who participated in my giveaway a little something. I just need an address. Thanks.

Alfie said...

Yup, always have a good time crafting!!