Friday, January 25, 2008


you know, someone mentioned something on the radio this morning that really made me stop in my tracks. it wasn’t the most profound thing I had ever heard, nor was it poetic or offensive…but it was alarming. what he said was “Today is January 25th, 2008, can you believe Christmas was a month ago, today?” then he said “Only 11 more shopping months to go”

I don’t think he understands crafters…it isn’t shopping days/months, it’s crafting days/months. and if we are honest with ourselves, most of us want to start on next year before this year is even gone yet…once we get into the swing of it, we want to go on forever. Starting in January or February would be ideal for us….plenty of time to actually plan out what we want to make? no way!!!! plenty of time to find all the components of those items…plenty of time to create or assemble said items (without hot gluing buttons to our thighs). no pressure, no headaches, no major disasters, because we have TIME!!!!

Dream on sisters ;o(

What really happens to us is we THINK about all of this and then LIFE gets in the way. We have lives outside of crafting don’t we or is it the other way around? We have to work, we have to do laundry, we have to nurture our families, we have to work oops, already said that lol, cook, clean, grocery shop, visit relatives, go to parties, all those things that normal people see as the ordinary scheme of things. We do not see it that way, life sometimes gets in the way for us…not that we don’t love life, but it makes us face reality. not a good thing. So then what happens? We put it off and put it off, or start 200 projects but never really manage to get done with any of them and we dream, we dream of a world where we could truly devote ourselves to our passion - creating! Creating what is not always the question either, we just HAVE to create! So we do, on Christmas eve I was putting the finishing touches to the family that should have (could have) been done much earlier in the year, except that the real world got in the way (real world in this case = total kitchen remodel).

Oh well, like the man said, we still have 11 months to do with what we will. How bout we make a pact - you and me? How bout we make it our New Year's Resolution to get at least ONE project done per month this year...just one every thirty (30) days. That shouldn't be that hard, should it? And then by the time Christmas rolls around again we will be 11 gifts closer to our dream.

Let me know how that works for you and I'll let you know too. See ya tomorrow (I hope) goodnight

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