Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday nite

Here it is, Monday night, sitting here thinking that I have to go back to work tomorrow and it seems like the weekend hasn't even gotten started yet! And I know that is not true, because I really ended up getting a fair amount done...Including shopping on three of those days! That is a new record I think.

Friday nite while Trav, Althea and Jesse scanned artwork, I visited about 6 stores in G'ville...ended up spending all my money at the Red Fashion Emporium (Target for the uninitiated) as they seemed to have put almost all of their ladies wear on sale for 75% off...managed to find some sweaters and some rather nice t-shirts there as well as a couple things for the nephew. Not too bad. And we did our usual Saturday shopping despite the massive storm system that tried to make us stay home...found a thing or two at That Target too, nothing as good tho. And then today we decided to head for Chiefland for Trav to snap some shots and I stopped at the Beall's outlet there...found 3 suits and being as this is Monday I got that 15% discount PLUS I had a full card so got 20% off of that total. Saved about 35 bucks! Seemed like a deal to me. Course now I have to stop buying clothes until after I lose a few more pounds, gotta save some of the fun for the next milestone, right?

Well, those are my rambles for today, hopefully I'll talk at you tomorrow, have a good night!

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