Tuesday, January 29, 2008

well, this weekend we are going to run over to Deland to go to a craft, scrapbooking fair being held at the Volusia County Fairgrounds. We have been to one of this company’s craft fairs and it was pretty good, so we are hoping this one will be better, since it is including the scrapbooking aspect…we will see. Trav is going to be shooting some photo’s both ways as well as around Daytona to include with our other stuff…that is really great ya know, cuz it means that he will enjoy the day too.

I love going to these things, and not really to buy anything (although it’s great when I can find something new and different to buy) but because of all the ideas and inspiration I find at them.

I do some good work, but I can always use help with the start up part of it…

I also love the cute ways that crafters manage to convey their love of their craft…or explain why they can manage to sell stuff to us, the other crafters out there….as in this sign I saw a few years ago at a sidewalk craft sale….”Yes I know You could do this…the real questions is: Will you?”

I’m not sure there is a craft out there that I have not tried my hand at except maybe Stained Glass. And I’ve found something wonderful about each and every one of them.

I don’t really have a theme to this post, just rambling, as you may have already figured out all by your self lol

Anyways, maybe I'll have some glorious things to blog about when we get home Saturday, if not I'll let you know.

Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you.

Good nite all

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