Monday, September 22, 2008

A boat

Trav has been talking about buying a small boat so that he can take pictures on the water. He was discussing a canoe or a jon boat. I was a bit nervous about the tendency of small boats to flip/ capsize and dump the people in the water. Not because he can't swim, but because his CAMERA can't swim!

I think that the prices that are being asked for small boats are simply too much. These are small watercraft, not gold encrusted luxury liners for heaven's sake! So we figured we would have to really save up to find something for next year...then he was perusing Craig's list and found a little pedal boat for a reasonable price. He emailed back and forth a few times with the seller and we went to look at it. We bought it - half the retail for a boat that's only been in the water a few times. and it would take a major event to sink or capsize this baby! I think his camera will be safe. And we can get some exersise mixed in there too. Wish us luck, I almost guarentee that we will be on the water somewhere this coming weekend lol

here is a link to one like it... boat

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