Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Monday on Tuesday

yep that's exactly what it feels like too, Monday - even tho it is Tuesday. Sometimes having a long relaxing enjoyable weekend makes it twice as hard to go back out into the real world on Monday/Tuesday.
And it WAS a wonderful weekend. Trav did the laundry for me on Friday so I didn't have to worry about it. We got our groceries early and the rest of the weekend was pure relaxation. Well, except for mowing the lawn. And falling. Other than that it was great! what? huh? oh, mowing the lawn takes up a few hours...it's not all that big really, just lots of trees, a hitching post, and of course the drive and the sides of the road (the county doesn't maintain our roads back here, we are the red headed step child). So I ran the poor mower smack out of gas! Thought I had broken it, again. lol

hmm? what's that? oh, you want to know what I mean 'falling'? I mean I fell down. No big deal...got a bump and a bruise. That's it. How you ask? well, we were coming in the front door and the next thing I knew I was yelping and trying to catch anything in reach to keep my footing. Don't know for sure what happened, but think that the strap on my bag caught on the door knob and yanked me backward just as the dogs went by me, so I stumbled off the the threshold - then I was reeling towards the cement steps and just knew I was going to break myself. Next thing I knew I had bounced off the railing and was falling backwards, when my hand was almost yanked off my arm!! That same bag that tripped me up saved my bacon. It was still caught on the doorknob and snatched my hand and held me on the porch. That hurt! But a lot less than falling down the steps would have. lol. I have a few bruises and this morning my back was giving me a bit of a fit from the twisting and hitting the cement porch so hard, but otherwise, I'm just dandy. Spilled my tea :o( but didn't drop my PDA lol and my leftovers were still in my hand when the dust settled. God was looking out for me, let me tell you!!! Trav was a bit upset, he turned around when I yelped but it was happening too fast and he was too far away to prevent it, he agreed that he thought I was going down those steps! But I didn't and I'm fine and he got over the scare. but like I said, other than that it was a great weekend. Finished up 4 Ride to Provide paper bag albums for door prizes and made an accordion fold file box from scratch, looks pretty good. Messed with the KNK and almost got the flowers to cut out right lol and spent time cuddlin....one of Trav's favorite pastimes (I like it too, but don't tell Trav (g))

Now we are just watching the weather and hoping and praying that the storms don't interfere with the Ride Saturday - we have at least 100 people signed up on line already and expect more to show up at the registration table on Saturday morning...it looks to be a huge success, as long as the rain holds off. Pray with us???? Please?

Check out the website Ride To Provide
and wish us luck! Thanks, later all.

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