Friday, September 26, 2008

Maiden Voyage

We haven't named her yet...poor thing, but we will, once we know her a little better...we are back from the pedal boats maiden voyage, whew, that was fun...a bit more work than I am used to, but fun...he wants a bigger boat already!!! He said he enjoyed this very much, spending time out side with me by his side on the water with no deadlines or agendas that were not our own. knew there had to be one didn't you? that boat isn't that easy for one person to pedal...when we were both pedaling it went along quite nicely, but if it was just one, boy oh boy did we get tired really quick. So he doesn't believe that it will do what he wants for the purpose of photography. For fun it's great tho, he liked it. The lake wasn't very busy at all and we spent about an hour on the's a little awkward to load and unload as it has a drop down rudder and a paddle wheel underneath the front, but it's small enough that we worked it out. All in all a successful boating voyage, fun, easy and safe. Will most assuredly do it again. talk to ya later!!

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