Thursday, September 25, 2008

The High Kings

I’m so excited!!! We are going to see the High Kings!! Finally. We bought the tickets back in March for a May 7th concert and then they postponed all their concerts so that they could tour with the Celtic Woman! We were SO upset…it seems like FOREVER that we have been waiting ;o( but it is HERE!!! NOW!!! TONIGHT!!!! WOOO HOO!! Trav’s sister and brother in law are going too, we are all going out to eat first then going from there. It is going to be so much fun….I’ll probably say that a few times – lol I’m listening to their CD right now, just to get in the mood. Have you heard them yet? Oh my, you have to hear them! Here is a link to their web page. I am bouncing with anticipation lol silly Yelowflower

I'll come back either later tonight or in the morning to tell you how it went...probably tomorrow, it will be late when we get home...but well worth it.

Tomorrow we are taking our new baby boat out for her maiden voyage, wish us luck!!

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Carol said...

Hi, if you love the High Kings, they have a myspace page and they and all the individual group members have their own pages and fansites. I co-run Darren Holden's myspace and forum with his full support, the rest of the guys are very close to their sites too. Come and join us!

You can pick the other guys up from either the High Kings top friends or the top friends on our Darren Holden fansite.

Darren writes regular blogs from most of the venues on his own myspace page for the fans.

We would really love it if you would drop by Darren's forum and post us a review of the show. There is an area on there for the High Kings, including the other 3 members.

I am so glad you love them. I live in the UK and am heading to see them in Dublin Ireland twice during their Oct/Nov tour. I have seen Darren in Movin Out and met him a couple of times Toronto, I can't wait to see the show and meet them all.