Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ride to Provide was a success!!

Thanks to all who participated in whatever are all winners!!!!!

in the end there were 250 bikes registered and a number of folks seemed to sort of just join in as the ride progressed, including a couple of SUVs lol. We do not really know how many people there were, but we do know that there were a lot! and we raised $9000!!!!! It was a lot of work and a lot of uncertainty, but in the end LARC has won the day!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

There will be pictures and hopefully some video up on the site soon...takes a little time to get them all sorted out and put up there, but they will be. Unfortunately the bi-plane didn't start so there are no aerial shots, but there are lots of others. We had a lot of help in that arena, Jesse, Althea and Kaleb were wonderful photographers and did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the ride and the riders, we thank them for their assistance.

I hope everyone who attended this year is planning on attending next year and I also hope that they are going to bring a friend or two.!!!

And on another note, I wanted to mention something that happened on Friday night that reminded Trav and me that this is a really really small world after all....

On the way home from work, we came upon a minor accident, a motorcycle vs an SUV...minor injuries (minor but there, she was bleeding and sore, but in the end not bad at all, thank God) but they were on the end of the exit ramp from I75---we stopped and Trav got out to assess the situation and lend a hand if needed in moving the vehicles. I stayed in the truck with the flashers on in an effort to safeguard them as much as possible. The young lady who was riding the bike made a comment to Trav that she "hoped the bike was ok because she was riding in a benefit tomorrow''. he looked at her and said "Ride to Provide?" and she said "Yes" and he said "Well, then we will see you tomorrow". lol I ran into her at LARC and introduced myself and helped her locate Trav as she wanted to thank him for his help. The next thing we find out is that we know her dad!!! Have known him for a really long time about a small world? maybe I'll post a pic when I remember.

So that just goes to show you, what goes around comes around...she was one of the wonderful people who helped raise all that money for LARC...God looks out for his angels, and each and every one of you that helped can be called one of God's Angels. Thank you.

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