Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A real tragedy

Yesterday something happened that should never happen. A child was killed and more were injured. By a careless act of an adult. A tractor trailer driver, on his cell phone, not really paying attention to where he was going, slammed into the back of a stopped school bus. He hit that bus so hard that it skidded over 250 feet before they stopped and burst into flames. People are wont to say that vehicles really don't explode anywhere but on TV unless you MAKE them do it, but these did. And although several people stopped and helped to evacuate the students and the driver from the bus and the students remained calm and did everything right, one young girl, 13 years old, was trapped and unable to be rescued. She died. And those Good Samaritans that stopped to help? they are beating themselves up because they couldn't save her.

Her name is Frances Margay Schee, she went by Margay. Her family will never be able to understand why this had to happen, and most likely they will have nightmares about what their daughter went through before she died. Just as an aside, the dad is awaiting a heart transplant, sometimes life really really sucks.

You can read the entire story here, but the bottom line is, someone was careless and a child died.

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Anonymous said...

I know this family personally and we held a benefit for them last night and all of the proceeds went to the family. Elissa Schee (Margays mom) spoke and she is absolutely amazing! They are such an precious and strong family, with all that they have been through this year with Jamie's heart condition, it has forced them to be so strong and they are leaning on the belief that "God must have needed an amazing clarinet player to add to his heavenly band" They are able to focus on reforming the school bus system to make it safe for future children and are even able to thank the hero's that saved the other children that day.WOW, talk about strength! There is a memorial service going on this morning for Margay...let us never forget this beautiful, precious girl and forever pray for her family. Thank you for acknowledging this tragedy in your blog and let us all stay off our cell phones when we drive!!