Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And it's Tuesday again

and I missed blogging on Monday....bad bad YF. I think I'll change my resolution to at least three or four days a week and take some of the pressure off...maybe - maybe not...I don't know yet.

Well Sunday was a normal day for us - right up til the STORM!!! lol It was a doozie too...we needed rain, but I think it might have been better if it had maybe slowed down just a trifle and then hung around a little longer, but I'm begging, so I won't be that choosy. The hail was fun to watch tho lol
Then the power went out at about 4. ho boy...I still have THREE loads of laundry pending!!! one in the washer...so, go open the door (so they don't smell) and sat back to listen to the UPS scream. Usually they quit after about 20 minutes, but not that one...it was still screaming 2 hours later. And Yes, we were still without power then. I convinced him about then that we needed to go out to dinner cuz -you know - how could we cook with no power? We have a gas stove, but no water, so anyways...he aquiessed and that is how we found BubbaQues in Bronson...(GO SEE HIS BLOG FOR DETAILS!!!!! http://travelerstales.wordpress.com/ )
We followed the power lines all the way out and didn't see anyone or anything that might have caused an outage of that length...well, we still didn't have power when we got back! So Trav called them again, and asked that they please call us and let us know what was going on as he needed power for his CPAP. No call...so he goes out looking to see if any of our neighbors had power...while he was gone it came back on!!! :YYYEEEAAAAYYYY Got to blow out all the oil lamps as it was well past 9 by now and a little bit dark. So, alls well that ends well, right? Oh yeah, they did have their little robot system call to see if the power was on...joy.

anyways...talk at ya tomorrow - maybe lol

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