Friday, June 13, 2008

My New Toy - part 2 (Klic-N-Kut)

My New Toy - part 2 (Klic-N-Kut)

We ordered the Klic-N-Kut on Wednesday, June 4th – and when I got the tracking info was astonished that it was going to be delivered on Thursday, June 5th!!! I eagerly watched the computer, waiting to see it changed from “out for delivery” to “delivered”. Imagine my dismay when it changed, not to “delivered” but to “Delivery exception” Customer not available or business closed

I was very upset! What did THAT mean? We have a signature on file, so that when we are at work they can still deliver!! So I went to the FedEx site and started looking around. Did you know that if the insured value of a shipment is over a specific amount, then a real live human being MUST sign for it? And if no one does after 3 tries it will be returned to sender!

Oh NO! That would be unacceptable! So, Trav called the 800 number and arranged for them to hold the package at the Ocala warehouse the next morning and we would drive over and pick it up after work. Still disappointing that I couldn’t have it that night, but better than being sent back.

On Friday morning I pulled up the tracking screen and watched to see if it would say what it should say…and it did NOT!!! At 7:01am it stated “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”! We got the number to the ware house and they said that they had not received a hold for that package.

They were kind enough to give me the drivers cell number tho, and suggested that we call him and see what we could arrange. Trav called around and found someone in town willing to sign for and hold it for us, then he called the driver and he agreed to change the delivery location. At 10:20am, Friday I saw that exciting word on the FedEx Site “DELIVERED” !!! We planned on picking it up on the way home. That would give me the whole weekend to play with my new toy.

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