Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another giveaway

Another blog giveaway...this one is a trifle different as it involves praying/worship. That is not something I talk about much on here, most people think of me as someone to read to get a good laugh, or groan as the case may be, but there is more to it then that. If you read back thru this blog you will find a couple of posts that reveal the depth of my belief. You might not have seen it as that, but if you stop and think about the stuff that has happened, you will realize that I could not have made it thru those alone. They take a great deal of strength and that is a strength that I do not possess - I just borrow it - and who else would I get it from? Exactly!! God is my trainer and he has built up my spiritual muscles over the years with strenuous exercises in reliance and submission. Anyways, this is just to let you know about a giveaway here and to encourage you to go check it out. Personally I don't want you to, cuz then you will enter and my chances of winning go down proportionally, but, HE wants me to send you there, so, guess who wins? You got it!!! So GO!!! lol

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