Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sometimes I wake up Happy - but usually I try to let him sleep!
Trav is a morning person...he sings, he talks, he whistles - I think he would even dance a jig if he thought I wouldn't throw something at him! I am a night person - mornings are an abomination to me, truly distasteful. There is a song out there from a long time ago with the phrase "breaking up is hard to do" I have changed that to "Waking up is hard on you". I think that we should write a law that says that morning people have to be silent for the first hour of a night person's day! NO SINGING!! DON'T talk to me! Do NOT ask me any important questions! Just give me something to drink, water, coffee, tea, what ever...let me sit hunched up in front of my computer, keep the critters away until I become human...or relatively less homicidal. I know, I know, you morning people just don't understand what could possibly be so horrible about mornings, they are great for you. You wake up ready to face the day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, all is right with the world. We wake up to clouds and croaking toads...but...when you are done for the day, ready to hit the hay, so tired your eyelids are falling of their own accord, WE are coming into our own...WE are bouncy, cheerful, all geared up and ready to go - the whole world and you are going to go to sleep now. NO you MUST stay awake and be TORMENTED by my cheerful happy mood!!!! It's only fair!

Always remember and never forget...NO SINGING IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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