Sunday, June 15, 2008

My New Toy - part 3 (Klic-N-Kut)

Well, I think I overestimated my computer abilities here…this is an EXTENSIVE program and a very professional machine. NOT a plug and play, that’s for sure.

I spent some time on it this weekend and I am just now starting to get comfortable enough to start cutting things out. And then you know what happened?

The Power went OUT!!! and when it finally came back up…my computer wouldn’t boot up!!!!! So I cannot play with it at ALL!!!!

I guess when I can, I will post some more, :o( sniff sniff…until then….take care.

This ends my multi day post, I hope you enjoyed sure to stop by Trav's Online General Interest Magazine and check out all the things he's been doing. Bye for now.

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