Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Toy – part 1 (Klic N Kut)

(this is going to be a multi day post as well as appearing on Trav’s online magazine…I am going to be his first guest writier!!! Go here to check it out, it's kewl!)

I’m not sure if I have written on here yet about my die cutting machine journey…I don’t think so.

Back at Thanksgiving we bit the bullet and purchased a Cricut Expression electronic die cutting machine to use with my card making and scrapbooking. It is a pretty awesome machine and really does a wonderful job.
However, it is constrained by the requirement of cartridges in order to cut things…if it’s not on the cartridge that you own, you have to buy the one it IS on….and at anywhere from $50 to $90 a cartridge, that gets expensive fast!!! They do have a program that allows you to do more, ($89) but it will only allow you to cut what you have cartridges for, no matter that it allows you to design with ALL of them on the screen. Limiting again.
Trav and I did a lot of research and decided to sell the expression and upgrade to a Craft Robo. This machine was a bit more expensive, but it allows you to cut designs from your computer, and is only limited by your imagination. It is said to cut vellum, paper, cardstock and other materials of similar thickness.
This interested us quite a bit…so we did a little more research…and discovered that although it cuts a large number of materials, it was limited in the thickness and would not cut something like chipboard, mat board or similar items. This was disappointing as we do have a photography business and cutting photo mats would be really helpful. So, back to the research.
Guess what we found? It’s called a Klic-n-Kut and yes, it Does cost more, but…it will cut MATBOARD!!! and vinyl, and chipboard, and vellum and will etch metal and emboss and score and draw pretty much anything else we have been able to think of. So, we sold the Cricut and ordered the Klic-n-Kut (KNK). Boy was I excited!! My thought was “This is going to be SO much FUN!!”

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