Monday, January 14, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 14 of 365

you know, the people in my office have known me too long and too well....didn't even bat an eye this morning when my answer to "how are you?" was "It's Monday and the puppy didn't pee"

And she didn't!!!!  One step forward is well worth the work.  Then we come home and guess what?

She didn't pee!!!!!

but she did try to eat a wooden cross that had fallen on the floor somehow....she partially can see the places that were nourishment for her little doggie soul!  (can't blame her though, if it's on the floor it MUST be a toy for the baby!)

Annie and Tug are getting more and more friendly each day, she is aggravating the heck out of him, him being the 'adult' dog and all, but they do play and he is teaching her that there is a pecking order, and altho she is bigger, he is higher!

All in all, I think this might work out, someday, maybe, sure it will!!!!

Maybe that little cross will help change our little imp into and angel!

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