Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 21 of 365

Wow, this was a really really odd day....started out with a 'pacing' migraine....that means the if the meds don't take effect very quickly then I end up pacing for about an hour from the pain....took a while for them to kick in, and I finally fell back to sleep....four hours later or so, I awoke, hung over, but relatively pain free.   There went half of my holiday day off...bummer man!

Got the laundry started after sitting on my butt for a couple hours, then we went out and worked on the 'game feeder' idea.   As you may recall we had to get some food that would feed properly, before we could test it out.  So we tried the little stuff first, kinda like rabbit pellets.  Fed great the first time, but didn't feed down for the second fling....drats...ok, on to the next one.  this one fed better, not great...but what happened next was disappointing.  Annie suddenly became afraid of the feeder, wouldn't go near it, and when it cycled, she tucked tail and ran into the house.  No matter what we did, that idea was a bust.  Gonna hafta take the feeder back...first I have to find the receipt  grrrrrr

No ImageThen we talked about what to make for supper.  We had gotten a couple of those Hormel Pork Tenderloin on sale and had one in the fridge waiting for the weekend since the directions called for at least 45 minutes in the oven.  That doesn't work on a work day....we thought we had the 'original' in the fridge and so I found a recipe for pork medallions that sounded really good...but we needed something to make gravy.   So Trav is going into town to pick up some bread and lunch stuff and gravy mix.....Althea and Jesse are coming over in about 2 hours so we should have plenty of time.  Off he goes.  He texts me when he is leaving the store and I turn on the grill to pre heat.  I am getting hungry thinking about this meal...we discovered it was really the lemon garlic loin filet so we didn't really need the recipe after all!!!  He gets home, and takes the meat out to put on the grill and he gets a text....they are an their way over....from his parents house two miles away....we look at each other and shake our heads and laugh....that's the way it goes ya know...he asks if they are hungry, "no" ok see ya soon.  We decided to go ahead and make them anyways and just put them in the oven til we are ready to eat them, I make the gravy and the potatoes and it is all hanging til after the visit.

to be continued......

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