Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 22 of 365


we spend an untold amount of time at the table in the front yard....Auntie is SO very patient....we try food and cajoling and loving and toys and FINALLY she comes over and sniffs and licks and even visits Unka Jess and licks his leg....SUCCESS!!  What?  Did you say that didn't sound like a success?  well you haven't been working with a phobic dog, now have you?  She is weird...afraid one minute, then not bothered by it at all, and then scared again when you turn around....and she is not at all comfy with people, other than us, socialization of any kind is GOOD!!!  Next time it will be a little easier and the next time after that even more so.

AND she hasn't had a 'accident' in days!!!!!  Cross your fingers and toes for us...we are so hoping!!!

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