Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 23 of 365

was a pretty busy day at work, things went fairly smooth...made it to church in time for chili and hotdogs!!!  Then a great bible study about the fall.  Next we have choir practice...we are still and inverted choir and some folks like it and others do's all gonna shake out pretty soon and we will roll with the punches.  I don't mind at all, but not everyone agrees.  stopped to pick a few things up at winn dixie...self check out...checking the receipt on the way out and have to go back for an adjustment...if you buy the cereal that is BOGO make sure they are THE SAME or you get charged for both.....bad ad

get home and   she did a no no on the floor AND a no no no too.  SO SAD!!!!  oh well...she went much longer between accidents this time and I think it may have to do with us being gone so late, and then if the coyotes started singing about the same time as she needed to go out.....well, accidents happen.

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