Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 6 of 365

and so today was Church and choir....I just love singing in the choir...I enjoy the music and the ministry and how good it makes me feel, thank you God for allowing me to praise you with song...had hot dogs for lunch...I LOVE hot dogs on the grill, just this side of incinerated!!!!!   then it was time for laundry....Trav put together a door to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house, on hinges, with a hook and eye closure...why? you ask?  well it seems that Annie must have been kept on a tile or linoleum floor before we got her and she learned to use that as her pottie.....and we do NOT appreciate that little trait at all....we did have a temporary blockade but it was killing us to step over it all the time, so until we get her trained....we have a door.

She also seems to have an issue with separation anxiety....she gets very upset is she knows Trav is home and he leaves the house or the room.....we will be working on that too. 

Time for another trip to the park too, we need to get some folks to come by and help us with her socialization.....we will work on that lol 

puppies are a LOT of work!!!!

Blessings on everyone, talk to you tomorrow  :^)

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