Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Did you know..(and this is my opinion, so take it for what it is worth)...that when someone we love dies, they take a part of our soul with them as they leave?  I really believe that is true...and did you know...(again, my opinion)...that each little part we lose leaves a place to be filled with loving memories and moments of joy. 

Interesting way of thinking about it, isn't it?  Yes there is the pain and there is the missing them and there is the desire to keep things the way they were and there is the (and this is the hardest for me for some reason) the inability to hug.....

All this just to say "Happy Birthday Mom, I still miss you and love you and fill my heart with your songs when I think of you....thank you for teaching me just how important love is"

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