Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 16 of 365

Lovely evening....first I got to spend time with my best friend (and other GOOD friends, my sisters) and completely loved eating dinner with him and holding hands during bible study....speaking of which, nice to meet the folks we are helping to help...that's not usually the case, no 'face' to go with the story...nice nice people!  Then there are all the voices to join with, we may have been 'flipped' but we still made a joyful noise.  Home to the pee...and kitties...and spending the rest of the evening with the love of my life.

boy, does this sound like I'm getting ready for Valentine's Day?  lol

1 comment:

Dedee McLeod said...

Flipped???? More like fruit basket turnover... lol