Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 30 of 365

do you have dogs?   do you love dogs?  do you know what this is a picture of?

That is the door between the kitchen and the rest of the house....installed because the new pup is not housebroken yet and she LOVES the kitchen tiles.  We do NOT love her using them that way, so we build a door.  About 2.5 feet tall, with nice hinges and a latch.  There is a gap at the bottom just big enough for Rosie (the skinny cat) to go under, but small enough that Sage (the NOT so skinny cat) has to struggle a bit.  When we first put the door up, Annie would stand up on it and you could see her from the neck up.  Now it's like from her underarms!    She is growing fast!  

but back to this picture...

we are in the bedroom watching TV and I come out to get dessert and this is what I see.  

That is Annie on your right, with her nose right up to the tiles...and on your left?  one of her myriad of stuffed toys, keeping her company on her lonely vigil.

If you don't love dogs, this forlorn look should change that at a glance, if you DO love dogs I might have to hide so you don't get me for making her look like that!!!

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